31 Best Border Garden Ideas to Dress Up Your Landscape Edging

There is as much thing outside as it is inside to think about when it comes to home design. Home design involves more than just decorating what’s inside the building only. Just like there is interior design to take care of, there is exterior design to consider just the same. Speaking about exterior design, you need to think more than just how your house would look from outside. It includes your garden or front yard too. That’s why there are border garden ideas when it comes to home design.

Most people would make the most of their front yard to be made into a garden, right? That being said, even the garden has to be designed properly so it complements your home design entirely. Speaking about garden in the front yard, there is a need for you to make clear border, separating the garden and the path to the front of your door. You will have to pay attention to how you treat the edging. Fortunately, there’re many ideas out there to take inspiration or simply to choose one from.

Garden Border with Metal Fence

Making garden border is not as difficult as you might think. Among many available ideas, borders can simply be fenced with metal. Before the garden soil comes in contact with the lawn for example, you can have metal fence in between.

The fence can be plain simple, but there are other choices to take into account as well. Fence with curvy details is pretty artistic. However, you can always choose to use metal wire to make the fence with. It doesn’t have to be designed so artistic to do the job here.

Garden Idea with Wooden Border

You don’t always have to go with metal material if you don’t want to. How about going with one that is closely related to garden then? Plants and soil in the garden are parts of nature. So, it would fit just fine if we choose wooden material instead. Just be creative with it.

For example, you can make zigzag border separating lawn and gravels. You can even go as simply as lining pieces of wood along with white stone border in sideways manner. Lining wooden blocks vertically in curvy line is nice too.

Gardens with Gravels Border Idea

You don’t always have to use specific material to make the border yourself. Need to be known, you can always make good use of gravels to make it too. This time, instead of having gravels of the same color to go side by side with the lawn, you can go with gravels of two different colors.

Just by having them side by side, you can make straight line of border. Of course, you can go in style by making curvy border with them. Either way, you can still make nice looking edge for the garden in front yard.

Garden with High Stone Border Idea

Metal, wood, and gravels are not the only options you’ve got to make border for your front garden. Border garden ideas also include the use of stone blocks, bricks, or the kind as well. Instead of having them set low on the ground, you can consider setting them straight so they stand high. Thus, you can make higher flowerbed with them. You can even make it multilevel if you want. It will offer you good view with the dimension it makes. This idea won’t even cost us much money with this material.

Garden Idea with Wooden Borders

Just like how we can make high border with stone blocks and the kind, you can also do the same with wooden material. You can simply line wooden blocks or planks to either make flower bed of the same level as the ground or to make high one.

Use your creativity and you can add more value to your landscaping idea. With wooden blocks for example, you can use the round or rectangular one. Play with the height and you can make wave effect with the round one. It will look so nice for sure.

Front Garden Idea with Flat Stones

There is another option you can use instead of stone blocks and gravels, you see. If you can get various ideas just from using timber material, you can do the same with the stone one. Just like before, you can simply line the stones in one or two to make the border. This time though, we suggest you to use big, flat, round stones. You can also use the rough looking one. Of course, you can also use the border to circle particular plant besides doing so for the flowerbed. It will look nice too.

Front Garden with Glowing Border

By now, you should have known that there are many materials you can use to make border for your garden. They can be metal, wood, stone, and more. But, have you ever thought of using other materials than that? Let’s give your garden more glows, especially at night with this idea here. Pieces of glass can make your garden sparkle during the day. For the night, you can consider lining wired lighting along the border. If you turn it on when the night falls, it’ll make the garden glow in the dark.

Front Garden with Brick Border Idea

How about brick border idea then? As it was said before, it is one of the materials that can be used to make the border as well. Bricks have clean and easy shape already. So, you can stack them all however way you want them to be.

This one of border garden ideas for example, allows you to simply line them to make simple border. You can also use the same bricks to make the path beside it. Setting them straight and laying them down can make nice border too if you want more from it.

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